Studio One

Studio One is the largest recording room and live performance space at TRI. It features the Meyer Sound Constellation System - revolutionary acoustic modeling technology which has the ability to dramatically change the acoustical properties of the room. With the touch of a button, an artist can instantly change the sonic environment from that of a small intimate club to sounding like a theater, an arena or even a cathedral. The room is professionally designed and fitted with the best acoustic treatment.

The space can easily accommodate a 60 piece orchestra in addition to a full in house video/audio production crew. The dynamic range of Studio One allows for the subtleties of an orchestra, our 9 ft. Boesendorfer Imperial Grand piano, or a three piece rock group while maintaining a controlled, comfortable studio environment. Because of the Constellation System, Studio One is a place where small amps and low volume reign.

Studio One is connected via a full analog signal path to both Control A & B, as well as up to 5 isolation rooms throughout the facility. In addition to the enhanced monitoring environment provided by Constellation, Studio One is also equipped with headphone & stage monitoring, or a hybrid of both.

Think of Studio One as the ultimate recording studio inside of a venue. 

Equipment list

Studio One

Meyer Constellation System [acoustic modeling technology built into the room]

PA System:

Meyer UPQ-1P [Mains]

Meyer M3D [Subs]

Meyer Galileo [Speaker Management]


Meyer UM-1P [x4]

Meyer USM-1P [x4]

Meyer USW-1P


Gamble 54 Channel FOH Desk


Universal Audio 2-1176

Aphex Expressor [x3]

Lexicon PCM-70

T.C. Electronic 2290

DBX 1531 Graphic EQs [x3]